Chinese 24-Cup Cupping Set

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The Chinese plastic cupping set is durable, light weight, and easy to use with the hand gripped vacuum pump. The 24-Cup cupping set is an excellent affordable cupping set and includes seven different cup sizes to target any part of the body.  The biomagnetic needles are improved from the standard needles by incorporating a spring inside the needle shaft to allow the needle to retract when the skin presses on it during suction. Transparent cups allow you to view and adjust the pressure to the patients own comfort level and allows you to see the reddening progress of the treatment.

  • Seven different cup sizes let you treat any part of the body. Includes two of each size.
  • Vacuum suction cupping is easy and convenient to use without the need for fire eliminating dangers of burning the skin.
  • Cups are designed with smooth curved edges for increased comfort and skin contact for an airtight seal.
  • Durable transparent plastic cups allows for easy viewing of the treatment area and to view negative pressure and the reddening of the skin.
  • Easy to use pressure valves allow you to effortlessly release pressure for cup removal (includes replacement valves).
  • Biomagnetic points included increase efficacy of the treatment.
Each 24-Cup cupping set includes

5.8 cm (inner diameter)4
5.0 cm (inner diameter)4
4.2 cm (inner diameter)4
3.3 cm (inner diameter)4
2.4 cm (inner diameter)4
2.0 cm (inner diameter)2
1.6 cm (inner diameter)2
Magnetic Points 8
Suction Pump & Connector Hose1
Cupping Manual (English and Chinese)1
Replacement Valves1